new patients welcome
Steven Schnipper MD PC has offices in Murray Hill, NYC and New Rochelle, NY. In our offices, patients receive personalized attention. Our friendly office staff greets you and assists you with whatever needs you may have. Dr. Schnipper personally sees each patient and gives each one individualized attention.
We have convenient morning and evening hours, and accept most insurance. Click here for a list of accepted insurances. On the day of your appointment, bring in your insurance card, and be sure to have your referral if your insurance requires one.

On your first visit, Dr. Schnipper will conduct a thorough allergy evaluation. If appropriate, he may do allergy testing, which is typically a skin test. The skin test does not typically involve needles, and the results are available in only ten minutes. If patients are able to do so, holding antihistamines for a week will improve the accuracy of the allergy tests. If you are unable to hold the antihistamines, you can still come in for the evaluation. Dr. Schnipper may still be able to do allergy testing, or he may defer it until another time.

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